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PE100 Smart Pro Extension Maple

PE100 Smart Pro Extension Maple

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Schmelke PE-Series

The PE100 is a Smart Pro Extension made from Natural Maple and is seven inches long. It screws into a patented Smart Cue Extension Bumper.

There are some extensions that are advertized in magazines or on television. An extension should look and feel like part of the cue. It should be quick to put on and remove. An Extension Pro should be fitted by a cue maker for best results. The Extension Pro (US Patented D444,519 and Patent #5749788) can be install on your cue at our factory or by your local cue smith. Your local cue smith needs a 11/16" drill bit, a 3/4" drill bit and a #10 NC tap for the project.

Facts On Pool Cue Extensions

1. In most cases an extension will cut bridge use by two thirds.

2. The right extension will give you more control than a bridge!

3. Most players would use an Extension if convenient.

4. No player wants his/her cue finish damaged by the use of an extension.

5. The right Pool Cue extension is an asset to a pool game!

6. Most players want their cue extensions to blend-in with their cue for playability and looks.

7. A seven inch extension is ideal for most players. Extensions should not exceed eight inches because players may lose shot control.

8. Make sure it is a legal extension : you can't break a cue down to put on an extension in most games.

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